What is the difference in Art Deco style from all others?

Art Deco is one of the most popular styles all over the world. It looks like a minimalist, an abstract, or a modern style. There are no smooth lines, only geometry, and sharpness. Luxury and wealth add more interest to this style. You may feel that some of the details are taken from the Provence style. There are also a few ethnic elements. You will know more about Art Deco, its characteristics, and its differences from all other styles from this article. 

One of the most wonderful decor items in each house is the colorful paintings. They can be in various shades to be combined with the colors of the room or may to highlight the interior. There are many ways to choose the right painting and we have spoken about it in the last article. Such paintings suit all styles to be visually pleasing. 

The main features of Art Deco style

Many people have already heard about this style but no one knows which characteristics differentiate from all others. Do you want to know how to distinguish it? There are a few elements:

  1. Clear geometric shapes;
  2. Large mirrors;
  3. Sharpness;
  4. Zigzags and curves.

But there are no clear characteristics. The next information will give you more concepts.

  • What types of materials are used?

Lots of natural materials! Glass, wood, natural leather, varnished surfaces, ivory, aluminum are the most used materials. 

  • What are the main colors in the Art Deco style?

Generally, this style is decorated in neutral colors, for example, black, white, gray, silver, beige, and brown. Sometimes there are shades of metal, as well as the addition of luxurious gold, green, blue, red, or burgundy.

  • Which of the patterns are the most popular?

Dotted and striped; with rhombuses and squares; animal, flower, and plant patterns. 

  • What kind of furniture should you use?

There is a rule: if the walls are light, the furniture must be darker and vice versa. To make a beautiful interior in the Art Deco style you should choose furniture in the same colors to look expensive. Chair and table legs are in the various unusual shapes. 

  • What should the kitchen look like?

A kitchen in Art Deco style differs from all others very much. She is characterized by varnished furniture in dark colors, glass, steel, and leather elements.

After reading this article you got knowledge about the difference between Art Deco and other styles. Be happy!

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